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Men and Women of Discomfort

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DO Hard

You were made for more

Do you remember feeling accomplished in school or sports?
Now, you're craving the results but resisting the work.

Do you feel disappointed when you see yourself in the mirror after a shower? Have you promised yourself to eat healthier or exercise, but failed to follow through?

At MWOD, we believe that you are capable of achieving more. Our process has helped hundreds of men and women transform their lives. They say things like "My friends freak out at how much my body has changed!" and "I've never been more alive!" This can be your reality too. Take the first step and make the decision to transform your life with MWOD.

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The Problem

Comfort is


your potential

Understand the why
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When MWODs choose discomfort rather than wait for discomfort to choose them, they gain a superpower. They don't live in dread. They live in freedom... strong and awake, for love's sake.

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How Credo Works

CREDO is our operating system for doing hard things. Each letter represents distinct stages of transformation. Once you learn them, you'll see them everywhere in life. Once you choose them, your life will change forever.

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The start of any serious change begins with saying yes to the thing you know will be uncomfortable. It can't be forced. The voluntary choice to commit is step one.



But committing isn't the real starting line. Action is required. Nothing significant shifts until you don't feel like keeping your commitment, and you do it anyway. You release on your preferences. You wave the white flag of surrender and do the thing.



When you take action, it's not enough to check the box. It must be wholehearted. By embracing what's difficult with all you've got, you create the necessary conditions for real transformation to take place.



When you voluntarily embrace discomfort, you discover what you're capable of. It's here that you define who it is you aspire to become. Naming that identity with phrases like, "I'm the kind of person who..." brings clarity and definition.



With your identity defined, you'll naturally own it with your actions. This new sense of self gives you your marching orders. As you commit, you begin the CREDO infinity loop again, leveling up to a more true sense of who you were always meant to be.

What to expect

Embracing voluntary discomfort prepares us for the inevitable and involuntary discomforts that life brings. Creating this lifestyle in isolation is possible, but it just doesn't happen very often. It's also not that fun.

When you do it in community, though, you're far more likely to give your whole heart to it. This communal approach gives you your best shot at long-term, sustainable success.


We simplify the process of what to eat. This constraint makes eating uncomplicated and straightforward.


Everyone at MWOD commits to a minimum of 96 ozs of water consumption each day.


Sleep is the immovable object in every MWOD's life. We commit to a minimum of 7 hours per night.

Nervous system

We help you reset your nervous system through intermittent fasting, cold exposure and breath work.

Working out & sport

We workout six times per week. Every workout scales to exactly where you're at with your fitness.

Community & Accountability

Accountability is unforced and natural when you choose to do difficult things together in community.  


Each week we add a new habit to your practice, ratcheting up what you used to think was possible.


You'll be invited to slow down and notice who you've been and who you'd like to become.


We do all this to become strong and awake for love's sake. Love, it turns out, is the most powerful motivator there is.

Proof it works

At MWOD, we believe the only metric that matters is whether or not the program works. More specifically, will it work for you? That's why efficacy is the main thing we obsess about. That's why when we get real testimonials like the one's below, we are are not only encouraged but spurred on to share MWOD with more people around the world.

I knew I wanted to invest in myself to better coach our athletes. MWOD was it.
Cati L.
Beach Volleyball Coach, LSU
"As MWODs, my husband and I both make way better decisions."

"I needed greater capacity, discipline & accountability. MOD delivered."
Amanda & Taylor H.
Homeschool Teacher // CEO, Common Thread Collective
I lost 40 lbs & gave my daughters another decade with their dad.
Chris D.
Sales Executive, Norman S. Wright Climatec
My wife says I'm a way better husband since I became a MOD.
Marc V.
Real Estate Agent & New Dad
Becoming a MOD (Man of Discomfort) before cancer gave me what I needed before I needed it.
Tim K.
Ironman & MWOD Co-Founder
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What is your gender?

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What's your phone number?

Step 7/19

What excites you most about becoming an MWOD? Why are you interested?

Step 8/19

What scares you most about becoming an MWOD?

Step 9/19

If you had a personal complaint about your habits, routines, or body right now, what would it/they be?

Step 10/19

If you could wave a magic wand and transform your current reality into anything you wanted, what would it turn into?

Step 11/19

What other avenues/programs/resources have you tried in the past?

Step 12/19

Describe in one sentence where you think you'll be in 5 years if things don't change.

Step 13/19

How likely do you think the change you seek is even possible, given your current strategies (where 0 means no chance and 10 means it's as good as done)?

Step 14/19

If the exact change you're dreaming of actually happened, how valuable would it be to you? Answer however you wish.

Step 15/19

Describe a team/group/community you’ve been a part of in the past where you experienced the most growth. Comment on any challenges that came with participation.

Step 16/19

If you were accepted to become a FUTURE MWOD, will you commit to all of what's required to participate to the absolute best of your ability?

Step 17/19

If there was something you're aware of that may get in the way of your full participation, what might that be?

Step 18/19

If you are accepted to become a FUTURE MWOD, who would you like to invite to join you? Write their name(s) below. Note: We will not contact anyone. We invite you to invite them today. Past FUTUREs have found MWOD to be even more enjoyable with a friend.

Do you have any unanswered questions about MWOD? If so, ask them below.

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Commitment looks like showing up everyday for yourself. Explore our other resources to learn more about what it looks like to show up as a Future MWOD, and to learn more about our methodology, CREDO.