About MWOD

MWOD is designed to rebel against the drift, and create a wholehearted community that is committed to living in harmony with their ideals and doing hard things throughout their lifetime.


“True freedom comes from facing the storms of life and being able to stand”

The world is obsessed with comfort, but it's not the ultimate goal. Nor is it a means to a fulfilling life. True freedom comes from facing the storms of life and being able to stand.

Men and Women of Discomfort was founded on the idea of embracing voluntary discomfort to prepare for the inevitable challenges that come our way. It's not a program to add to our lives but an operating system that shifts our perspective and helps us move through life. We gain agency, autonomy, and strength, becoming more Strong and Awake for Love's Sake.


MWOD is an invitation to reclaim agency in your life.

To find true freedom, we must face the storms of life head-on and be able to stand, to not fall over. As Men and Women of Discomfort, we recognize that how we show up anywhere is how we show up everywhere, and MWOD is a place to show up for yourself. Embracing voluntary discomfort is not about making life harder for ourselves. It's about revealing gaps that already exist and challenging ourselves, pushing ourselves in a position of strength.

Proof that
MWOD works

At MWOD, we believe the only metric that matters is whether or not it works. More specifically, will MWOD work for you?

Efficacy is the main thing we obsess about. It's also why the stories we hear encourage us to never stop.

better decisions
As MWODs, my husband and I both make way better decisions.
Amanda H.
Homeschool Teacher and Amazing Mom of 3
MWOD Delivered
I needed greater capacity, discipline & accountability. MWOD delivered.
Taylor H.
CEO, Common Thread Collective
The Results are In...
Invest in Yourself
I knew I wanted to invest in myself to better coach our athletes. MWOD was it.
Cati L. Review MWOD
Cati L.
Beach Volleyball Coach, LSU
So Much More
Not only did I lose the weight I wanted to lose [..] I'm onto some life-changing habits for the rest of my life.
Man of Discomfort


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What scares you most about becoming an MWOD?
If you had a personal complaint about your habits, routines, or body right now, what would it/they be?
If you could wave a magic wand and transform your current reality into anything you wanted, what would it turn into?
What other avenues/programs/resources have you tried in the past?
Describe in one sentence where you think you'll be in 5 years if things don't change.
How likely do you think the change you seek is even possible, given your current strategies?
If the exact change you're dreaming of actually happened, how valuable would it be to you? Answer however you wish.
Describe a team/group/community you’ve been a part of in the past where you experienced the most growth. Comment on any challenges that came with participation.
If you were accepted to become a FUTURE MWOD, will you commit to all of what's required to participate to the absolute best of your ability?
If there was something you're aware of that may get in the way of your full participation, what might that be?
If you are accepted to become a FUTURE MWOD, who would you like to invite to join you?
Do you have any unanswered questions about MWOD? If so, ask them below.
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