What is Men and Women of Discomfort (MWOD)?

MWOD is a personal development and coaching membership community designed to help individuals reach their full potential, improve decision-making, and choose to account for how they're showing up in life. Each session lasts for 12 weeks. We launch every quarter (January, April, July & October). First time participants are called 'Futures'. Once a Future completes their Future round, they become MWODs. Most of our members stay members well after their Future round.

Is mwod a challenge that helps jump start weight loss?

Our interest is to promote a sustainable, lifelong practice (like an operating system) that continues to improve your life the longer you participate. While MWOD is challenging and significant fat loss (and lean muscle gain) are common for all active participants, neither of those outcomes are the primary focus of MWOD. We're playing a bigger game. MWOD helps build a strong foundation, empowering individuals with the tools to tackle any hardships they may face in life. We help people wake up--improving conscious and responsible decision-making--while increasing strength, both internally and externally--all for the sake of becoming more loving people.

does MWOD Help with accountability and discipline?

MWOD instills healthy holistic habits that grow into routines, culminating in a life-practice. This practice fosters greater discipline, capacity, and accountability through its coaching and community support. Participants record daily video check-ins on our app to account for how they are showing up in life. The aim here isn't perfection. It's to become increasingly wholehearted in keeping your word to yourself.

How much does MWOD Cost?

The first cost is that every participant is wholehearted in their commitment to seeing this through.

The second cost is the fee of $99 per month with a three-month commitment that will take you from being a FUTURE MWOD to an actual MWOD.

This is about forever life change, not just losing weight, and you've got a team ready to guide you the entire way.

Who is MWOD for? (age, fitness, etc...)

Whether you are out-of-shape but wanting to go-again or you are a serious athlete looking to find new levels of peak performance, we’ll be here to offer guidance, challenge, and a variety of solutions.

No excuses. You can do this. Your future self will thank you.

If you have specific concerns or questions about your particular situation, reach out to us at hello@mwod.io

Does MWOD meet in-person, or can I participate remotely?

MWOD is a place to hold account and embrace discomfort in a community of others who are doing the hard things that are necessary to cultivate a life of flourishing.

MWOD is made of men and women from around the world who have chosen to put themselves on the hook, show up for the challenge, and connect with the community via online asynchronous video. You will be expected to check in on our online community every day to hold account, engage, and call each other up.

We also have a number of opportunities to meet up with other members in your area (MWOD Squads). We are also hosting a national Charterhouse event for MWODs soon! Stay tuned!


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