The process of learning how to do hard things happens in stages. When you cooperate with these stages, you can create an operating system for thriving in life no matter the circumstances. At MWOD, we call that operating system CREDO. Here's how it works.

The start of any serious change begins with saying yes to the thing you know will be uncomfortable. It can't be forced. The voluntary choice to COMMIT is step one.


Commitment alone doesn't cause change. Action is required. Nothing significant shifts until you feel like quitting, and you do the hard thing anyway. You RELEASE on your preferences. You wave the white flag of surrender and do the thing.


When you take action, it's not enough to check the box. You need to hug the cactus. Long-term change requires your whole heart. EMBRACE what's difficult, and you create the necessary conditions for transformation to take place.


When you embrace discomfort, you discover possibility about what you can do and who you can become. Gain clarity and definition as you DEFINE who you were made to be..


You'll know your identity is defined when you OWN it with your actions. This new sense of self gives you your marching orders. As you commit to these behaviors, you extend the CREDO infinity loop further, leveling-up to a more true sense of personal calling.



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