How to become an MWOD

Becoming a Man or Woman of Discomfort (MWOD) is simple. You get to commit to everything listed below, and once completed wholeheartedly, you will officially join the MWOD community. You'll be in a much more empowered position to make great decisions for yourself and those you care about.


Enrolling in MWOD starts with becoming a “FUTURE” MWOD for your first 90 days. During this time, you get to live out CREDO (our methodology) and commit to the following:


Nutrition is critical to a flourishing life. For many, the food and drink requirements are the most challenging parts of MWOD. They are also the most rewarding.

A lot of people say they want a six-pack. The reason why very few actualize that in their life is because that kind of accomplishment is only available if you do the work in the kitchen, not merely the gym.

MWOD Food: Meat, veggies, eggs, fruit, one cup of rice/day, one sweet potato/day. When in doubt, eat more protein. No processed food or added sugars for your first 90 days of being a MWOD.

We focus not only on what to eat but also when to eat, with a minimum of 16/8 intermittent fasting window. This means that we will not eat for 16 hours each day before we break the fast for an 8-hour feeding window.



Recognizing the fundamental role hydration plays in your health and achievement is essential for FUTUREs to commit to consuming a minimum of 96 ounces of water daily.

Embracing the MWOD lifestyle includes staying refreshed with MWOD-approved drinks such as water, black coffee, and tea. Additionally, for the first 90 days, we encourage a temporary break from alcohol to promote clarity, focus, and dedication to your MWOD journey.

Your success begins with the simple yet impactful act of staying hydrated.



Discomfort is found is all areas of our life, but there is a particular, embodied discomfort that only comes through physical challenge.

We leverage this as a primary means of transformation and get in great shape in the process. Each daily workout will consist of 1 hour of rigorous and vigorous physical workouts that are prescribed.

From out-of-shape but wanting to go-again guy to serious athletes looking to find new levels of peak performance, we’ll be here to offer guidance, challenge, and a variety of solutions.

No excuses. You can do this. Your future self will thank you.



You will be expected to check in on our online community every day to confirm you completed your workout.

Put yourself on the hook, show up for the challenge, and connect with the community via asynchronous video. To help objectively measure success, you must have a DEXA Body Composition Scan completed before the first week is complete.

Weekly check-ins will occur every Saturday. MWOD has found a great resource in using the Whoop Bands or Oura Rings to measure workouts, sleep, and recovery - getting a tool like this is not required but highly recommended.


habit stacking

Implementing positive habits is the foundation of health, nutrition, discipline, and fitness. Each action is a vote for the type of person you want to be.

We take habits very seriously and have created the following habit stacking progression for each round of MWOD.

We will start with Habit #1 and stack another habit each week. The purpose is to build a practice of powerful daily habits, one habit at a time. Examples of these habits include breath work, cold showers, journaling, etc.

By committing to these habits during your 90-day FUTURE round, you will put yourself on the path towards ultimately defining and owning your own practice— your operating system for life.



The initial cost is the genuine and unwavering commitment expected from each participant to wholeheartedly see this transformative journey through.

The subsequent cost involves a monthly fee of $99, requiring a three-month commitment to transition from being a FUTURE MWOD to a full-fledged MWOD, emphasizing that this journey is about enduring lifestyle change rather than mere weight loss.

With a dedicated team ready to support you every step of the way, this is not just a program – it's a lifelong transformation.



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