Strong & Awake

Enrollment vs. Self Enrollment | Ep. 2

Season 01 | Episode 02
Dane Sanders

This podcast episode, hosted by Dane Sanders and Mitchell Dong, explores the concept of enrolling oneself into seeking personal growth and living a fulfilled life. It references ideas on Stoicism, emphasizing the importance of self-discipline and individual effort in personal development. The discussion delves into the societal craving for comfort and how it leads to weakness. Dane also discusses the concept of 'enrollment,' or committing to personal growth, and contrasts it with being persuaded or enrolled by others. Through various examples, including a powerful personal encounter, the episode conveys the message that true growth and learning come from embracing discomfort and making hard choices. It concludes by encouraging listeners to commit to a small, uncomfortable act for love's sake and share their commitment with someone within ten minutes, emphasizing the importance of taking action towards personal growth.

Key Moments:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:58 Stoicism and Self-Discipline
  • 03:17 The Power of Voluntary Discomfort
  • 07:43 Self-Enrollment
  • 13:10 Self-Negotiation
  • 18:35 Commitment, Action, and Growth
  • 22:06 Anchor Action: For Love's Sake

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Ryan Holiday's Daily Stoic and Read to Lead program
  • Dallas Willard
  • Elevated Spaces

Anchor Actions:

After reflecting on the theme of "for love's sake" discussed in the episode, consider individuals in your life whom you love or wish to love more deeply, whether it's yourself or others. From there, think about an action that aligns with the notion of expressing love through your deeds. It could be something as mundane as completing household chores or engaging in a thoughtful gesture towards someone significant to you. The key is to choose a commitment that might initially seem unappealing but holds potential for meaningful impact. Once you've identified your commitment, make it concrete by setting a minimal viable goal and committing to it. Within the next ten minutes, inform someone close to you about your commitment, emphasizing the significance of this decision. Don't procrastinate; set a timer and ensure you follow through promptly. Once you've shared your commitment, allow it to serve as a starting point for further growth and action. Embrace the discomfort that may accompany this commitment, recognizing it as a catalyst for personal development.

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